Dance into Worship

Photographs from Past Events

Two dancers have right arms raised and are looking upwards. They are in front of an altar and an east window

March 2020, St Stephen's Rochester Row

Dance to spoken Eucharistic Prayer. One of a Lent series of services at St Stephen's on the theme of understanding the Eucharist differently. Choreographed by Elaine Collins

Dancer kneeling and lunging in front of a large windownging

September 2018, Coventry Cathedral

One of three dances for the Cathedral Patronal Festival, as the cathedral is named after St Michael and All Angels.

This dance is the Sanctus, choreographed by John Bassington


4 dancers kneeling in a circle

May 2018, St John the Evangelist, Kingston upon Thames

One of the dances that came out of the 'Hidden Meanings' workshop, led by Sue Sinclair; In photo, some disciples have not yet recognised Jesus, as they share a meal, (Road to Emmaus story).

six standing dancers, dressed in purple and black, make a large wheel figure by linking arms

November 2017, Coventry Cathedral

One of three dances for festival of Christ the King, 'Sanctus' choreographed by John Brassington

(This is a rehearsal photograph, before the Cathedral Eucharist service)


central dancer in white reaches out to a dancer the blue. 2 other dancers in blue express distress, 2 dancers in blue look on

March 2017, St Thomas on the Bourne

Dance for Mothering Sunday and for Lent; 'Jesus Meets His Mother' (Stations of the Cross no. 4)

choreographed by Heather Williams, Elaine Collins and the dancers



Dancers reach upwards or outwards to the words 'True believer'

March 2016, St John's Waterloo, London

Dance for Passion Sunday, set to the spiritual 'Motherless Child', choreographed by John Brassington.

(This is a rehearsal photograph, in the crypt of St John's, before the Eucharist service in the Church)



A group of circle dancers

September 2015, Convent Parlour, Roehampton University

Circle dancing with Lorraine Pratt, in a day of dance to celebrate Hildegard of Bingen



Close-up of one dancer passing a basket of fruit to another dancer

October 2014, United Reform Church, Kingston on Thames,

Harvest dance set to to the song Pete pete! from Alexander L'Estrange's Zimbe, choreographed by Sue Sinclair.




Group of 5 dancers, one kneels with head bent to florr, 2 kneel facing eachother. 2 dancers lunge, facing eachother.

November 2013, St Bartholomew's Orford

Dance to the Kyrie from Benjamin Britten's Missa Brevis, choreographed by Sue Sinclair.


Trio in circle, in front of a pulpit

November 2012, Coventry Cathedral

Trio from dance to the Sanctus from Benjamin Britten's Missa Brevis, choreographed by Ali Healy.


June 2012, Coventry Cathedral.

Dance for the Jubilee of the Chapel of Unity choreographed by John Brassington.


Dancers in red with red and yellow streamers

Pentecost 2011, St Mary's Iffley.

Dance 'The Upper Room' choreographed by Sue Sinclair



Dancers in tableau, illustrating a verse

November 2010, St George the Martyr, Southwark.

Dance to 'The Servant King' choreographed by Ali Healy for 'Christ the King' festival


Several dancers in semi-circle, arms outstretched, surround four dancers lying on floor

March 2010, Workshop for Lent at St Andrew's Short Street, Waterloo.

Kyrie dance choreographed by John Brassington ('Lord Have Mercy').


Dancers in semi-circle, three dancers kneeling

November 2009, St Andrew's Farnham,

Dance for All Saints Day choreographed by Sue Sinclair (rehearsal photograph).

All Saints Headley, link to photographs on church website, (same day, different church)


Dancers in pairs, cupping each others cheeks in their handshands

May 2009, Dorchester Abbey's 'Brides Service',

Dance on relationships choreographed by Sue Sinclair


Large group of dancers holding candles

January 2009, Candlemas Workshop at United Reformed Church, Kingston-upon-Thames,

Dance choreographed by Margaret Stevens and adapted by Judy Tarrant.


six dancers with arms raised

July 2008, 'Lord's Prayer' at St Mary's Iffley,

Choreographed by Wendy Ball and taught by John Brassington


Group of twenty dancers standing close together

June 2007, Pentecost at Guildford Cathedral,

Choreography by Sue Sinclair


Three dancers kneeling in a circle

December 2006, 'Advent Wreath' workshop at

St Paul's Church Centre, North Marylebone, led by Elaine Collins.


two lines of dancers meeting with arms raised

August 2005, St James's Church Piccadilly,

'Dance of Affirmation', choreographed by John Brassington.




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