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Dance into Worship planned events for rest of 2021:

Unfortunately, our dance retreat for July 2021 has been cancelled, due to building work at the venue. We will be arranging other events shortly.

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Some of our Recent Events:

6 March 2021, Dance into Worship Lent workshop held online, on Zoom; 'Dancing the Jesus Prayer'

17 October 2020, Dance into Worship workshop held online, on Zoom; 'Spirit and Power'

14-15 March 2020, Dance into Worship weekend with St Stephen's Rochester Row, (in Westminster, London), with dance in the Sunday morning Eucharist at St Stephen's, accompanying the Eucharistic Prayer. (Also see photographs page)

19 October 2019, Dance into Worship ran two workshops on dance as prayer for Southwark Diocese Spirituality Day at Southwark Cathedral

29-30 September 2018, Dance into Worship weekend at Coventry Cathedral, to dance in their Patronal festival, The Cathedral is named after St Michael and All Angels. It was also the 100 years anniversary of the creation of the Diocese of Coventry. (Also see photographs page) The dances included a piece to Neil Cox's 'War in Heaven'.

19 May 2018, Dance into Worship day workshop at St John the Evangelist, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. 'Hidden Meanings', led by Sue Sinclair. This was about travelling from Easter to Pentecost, as if we were the disciples who encounted the risen Jesus during that time. (Also see photographs page).

25-26 November 2017, Dance into Worship weekend at Coventry Cathedral, dancing to the mass for two choirs and two organs by Widor in the morning Eucharist service, to celebrate the feast of Christ the King. (Also see photographs page).

25 - 26th March 2017, Dance into Worship Lenten weekend, at St Thomas on the Bourne, Farnham with dance in the Sunday morning Eucharist service; 'Jesus Meets His Mother' (Stations of the Cross no. 4), (Also see photographs page).

16th April 2017, Dance into Worship led a circle dance session in the afternoon of Southwark Diocese's Spirituality Day 'Awakening' at Southwark Cathedral, London

12 - 13th March 2016, Dance into Worship Lenten weekend, at St John's Waterloo, London, with dance in the Sunday morning Eucharist service. (Also see photographs page).

19th September 2015, Day workshop with Lorraine Pratt to celebrate Hildegard of Bingen. (Also see photographs page).

11 - 12 October 2014, Dance into Worship weekend celebrating Harvest, at the United Reformed Church, Kingston on Thames, Surrey, with dance in the Sunday morning service. (Also see photographs page).

19 - 20 July 2014, Dance for the morning Eucharist on 20th July to celebrate Mary Magdalene at St Mary's Iffley.

25 - 26 January 2014, Dance into Worship weekend, celebrating Candlemas, with dance in the Sunday Eucharist at St Thomas on the Bourne, Farnham, Surrey

15th - 17th November 2013, Dance into Worship weekend, dancing to Benjamin Britten's Missa Brevis in D sung by St Edmundsbury Cathedral's ladies choir at a Saturday Eucharist, 16th November. (Also see photographs page)

23 February 2013, excellent Dance into Worship workshop for Lent, in London, at St Andrew's Waterloo. Led by Sue Sinclair, it truly was danced prayer, yet fun.

24 - 25 November 2012, Coventry Cathedral, Dance into Worship weekend to prepare dances for Cathedral Eucharist of Christ the King on Sunday 25th November 10.30 a.m.(Also see photographs page)


21st Anniversary of Dance into Worship in 2012

A team from Dance into Worship prepared dances from the past 21 years for celebrations in 2012. These include a danced Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei, set to Benjamin Britten's Missa Brevis in D and a 'Dance of Affirmation' set to part of Janacek's Sinfonietta, (pictured on the 'Aims' and 'Photographs' pages of this website).

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Date to be Proud of:

The Church Times of 20th April 2012 had a 3-page feature; 'With our bodies we thee worship; liturgical dance today' and a back-page interview with John Brassington, Chair of Dance into Worship.


Regular Workshops

Some of our members run regular workshops in body prayer, worship dance and circle dance in the London area and in the Midlands.

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Links: some Dance into Worship members and other organisations of interest.

In Jars of Clay by Rachel Michael

UK Blessing Dance by Ann Banning, Nicky Enticknap and Sally Bullock

Healing Hand Prayer by Jenny Sandler

Video of Dance into Worship members, Nicky Enticknap and John Brassington dancing at Coventry Cathedral on Sunday 2nd December 2012.

A professional Christian dance company, activities include performances, workshops and summer schools

Christian Dance Fellowship of Great Britain, a networking organisation. Includes events listing.

ArtServe is organisation which supports the use of all creative arts in worship, including music, dance and drama, visual arts, and creative writing.

Arts Ecclesia is a network that encourages people to use their creative skills in Christian worship and evangelism.

RADIUS, the Religious Drama Society of Great Britain.

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The Sacred/Circle Dance Network has long published the journal 'Grapevine', that contains extensive listings. The new website is also becoming a good resource for circle dancers.

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